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Nov 09

It’s Here! The 2017 Mead Industry Report

By Ulf The Viking King Of Northumbria | Mead Industry


2017 AMMA Industry Infographic

Based on our contacts in the brewing world, it’s been pretty evident that the mead industry is growing at a good clip, especially in the last 3 years.  Of course, we’re never really sure of the exact data, until now.  Based on research and article from the AMMA, we’ve got a great infographic that details some pretty impressive figures.

The AMMA has been tracking the mead industry for a while now, but this year, not only did we see phenomenal change, we have this amazing graphic (see below) to show you what happened.

So what’s the Buzz?

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Sep 30

It’s Official. Mead is Back . . . with a Vengeance

By Mike Word | Mead Industry

Great article, originally posted at Fox Business website about the fastest growing alcoholic beverage in the U.S.  I thought they were a “spin-free” zone, but they would have you believe that we’d never thought that it was mead.  What idiots!  Of course it is!  We’ve been saying it for years.  Still, it’s nice of them to finally come around.

As craft beer’s growth slows, sales of wine and spirits are taking off, but the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage in the U.S. today is one you’ve probably never heard of.

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