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Dec 16

Traditional Mead by Chaucer’s – Mead Review

By Ulf The Viking King Of Northumbria | Mead Reviews

Chaucer Mead Logo

Today we'll be reviewing Chaucer's Cellars traditional mead, one of the 1/2 dozen of varieties they make at their locations in California's central coast.

As one more established meaderies in the United States, Chaucer's has been producing honey-wine since the mid 1960's.   Chances are, if there's any mead at your local winery, you'll see Chaucer's there.

In this week's review, rather than taking Chaucer's recommendation to spice / mull the mead, we reviewed the mead chilled.


Cause that's the way we like it dammit!, and we don't want to cover up the taste will clove, cinnamon, etc.

So without further ado, here's our review on Chaucer's traditional mead....

Dec 08

Pollen Nation by Crafted Artisan Meadery – Mead Review

By Paul Fuller | Mead Reviews

handcrafted artisian meadery
Handcrafted Artisian Meadery Blackberry

Up for review this week is a nice little 'session' mead, which means it is lower in alcohol than traditional meads.  Which also means its great for drinking in larger quantities over a longer period of time, and a super choice when I am hanging out with friends or watching a game on the telly.

This one jumped out at me due to the blend of fruit and hops, and it did not disappoint. Called "Pollen-Nation", it's a hopped blackberry honey wine created by the folks at Crafted Artisan Meadery in the middle of "Nowhere", Ohio .

So without further ado, here's my thoughts on this week's mead review...

Nov 06

Semi Sweet By Sky River – Mead Review

By Paul Fuller | Mead Reviews

I picked up this classy-looking bottle from the Sky River Meadery in Washington State from at our local Wine and Beer store. 

It's from a meadery that I have not tried before and while they had "Sweet" and "Semi-Sweet" on the shelf they also make a "dry" and a selection of interesting flavors, including Blackberry, Ginger and Rose.

So here is what we thought of this traditional style mead....

Oct 02

Star Thistle by St. Ambrose Cellars – Mead Review

By Ulf The Viking King Of Northumbria | Mead Reviews

We always make a point of stopping by Ambrose on our way up through Michigan to spend a couple hours sampling their wide variety of meads.  Somehow we found one bottle of their Star Thistle Mead that escaped without us drinking it in the tasting room.  It's a semi-dry traditional mead, which Ambrose typically does well.

We decided to pop this bad boy open, and here's what we thought ...