Apr 03

How To Back Sweeten Mead

By Ulf The Viking King Of Northumbria | Making Mead , Mead Basics

Making mead never fails to be an exciting, mystifying and thoroughly satisfying process. It’s a way of connecting with an ancient past, a set of traditions that stretches back to icy forests of northern Europe, when mead was the ultimate treat awaiting explorers, warriors, hunters and travelling nobles on their return home. However, that’s not […]

Jan 31

What Your Mead Drinking Vessel Says About You

By Mike Word | Mead History

Ah, mead. Is there a finer drink on this green earth? Is there any nectar which warms the belly more, ignites the senses further, or which can delight and excite in quite the same way? We certainly think not, and – if you’re reading this blog – we’d hazard a guess that you feel much […]

Jan 08

Spotlight on Lindisfarne Meadery

By Paul Fuller | Meadery Spotlight

Based on some strong suggestions from our British contingent, we’ll be taking a look at the famous Lindisfarne Meadery, the so-called ‘Legend In A Bottle’ which hails from a tiny, wind-swept island and pilgrimage site in the North-East of England. Big History… When it comes to historical credentials, Lindisfarne Mead is pretty hard to beat.  […]

Dec 07

Corking Your Mead

By Ulf The Viking King Of Northumbria | Making Mead

Table of Contents What The Hell Is Cork Anyway?Why Cork Is Great For AgingHow Is Cork MadeCorks History as a ClosureInconsistent ContainersMaking Good GlassCork: The Topper Of ChoiceCork QualityAir PermeabilityTCA ContaminationUsing Clean CorksBuying Cork For Your MeadDefine Your NeedsSizing ConsiderationsWhere To BuyCorking Your MeadHand Corkers:Floor & Bench CorkersConclusion hinking about aging your mead?  If you’ve […]

Sep 30

The Science Behind Making Mead

By Paul Fuller | Honey , Mead Basics

If you’re visiting this site, chances are you love making mead.  But have you ever wondered how the alcohol actually gets into the mead?  I mean, let’s face it, mead tastes great, but alcohol puts the fun in our delicious ambrosia. And while it may seem magical to the mead drinkers of yore, the alcohol […]

Sep 30

It’s Official. Mead is Back . . . with a Vengeance

By Mike Word | Mead Industry

Great article, originally posted at Fox Business website about the fastest growing alcoholic beverage in the U.S.  I thought they were a “spin-free” zone, but they would have you believe that we’d never thought that it was mead.  What idiots!  Of course it is!  We’ve been saying it for years.  Still, it’s nice of them to finally […]

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