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Mead Organizations / Mead Sites

  • American Mead Makers Association (AMMA) – Great site for mead drinker and mead entrepreneurs.  To get to the good stuff (forum, etc.) it’s a paid annual membership that’s relatively cheap ($30 / year for an individual)
  • – Great resource from a gal named Vicky Rowe whom has been active as a promoter and supporter of the mead industry since the mid-90’s.  Nice FREE mead forum, with a paid addition for addition into their FB group.
  • – Although a bit dated, this site has some GREAT information, and calculators that we use all the time under the “Toll Box” section


  • The Batch Buildr:  Have you ever wondered exactly how much honey you need to make a batch of mead? Or how much nutrient you need and how to dose your must? The MeadMakr BatchBuildr is here to the rescue.
  • The Batch Blendr:  Are you planning to blend two batches of mead together to adjust for sweetness or abv?  This blending utility is just the tool you need.
  • The ABV Calculator:  To calculate ABV, provide the starting gravity or starting Brix with the final gravity. ABV will be calculated and displayed.
  • SG to Brix Conversion:  Depending on the recipe, the author might use SG or Brix for determining the ending alcohol content.  Here’s a simple tool to convert SG to Brix and vice-versa.
  • The Advanced Nutrient Calculator:  Using a nutirent protocol of Fermaid K, O and DAP this calculator provides a tailorable nutrient protocol that doesn’t under or over do it.  Recommend reading the Advanced Nutrients in Mead Making article above to fully understand.
  • TOSNA 2.0 Calculator:  Short for ‘Tailored Organic Staggered Nutrient Addition’ (TOSNA) protocol, this calculator is great for those that want to add nutrients as your mead batch progresses, rather than all at once.