Star Thistle by St. Ambrose Cellars – Mead Review

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Oct 02
StarThistle St Ambrose Cellars Bottle

We always make a point of stopping by Ambrose on our way up through Michigan to spend a couple hours sampling their wide variety of meads.  Somehow we found one bottle of their Star Thistle Mead that escaped without us drinking it in the tasting room.  It's a semi-dry traditional mead, which Ambrose typically does well.

We decided to pop this bad boy open, and here's what we thought ...


StarThistle St Ambrose Cellars

Star Thistle - St Ambrose Cellars

Mead Profile:

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    Color: Chardonnay-esque, light, golden color. 
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    Clarity: Relatively clear, hint of cloudiness. 
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    Bouquet:  Aromatic, floral notes.  Nicely balanced with some acidity, and a little musty.
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    Taste:  Light, delicate, hints of pear.  Dry finish that lingers on the tongue.  
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    Pairs Well With:  Bleu, Gorgonzola and Roquefort cheeses; fruits; chicken.

Mead Men Notes:

Ulf The Viking King Of Northumbria

Ulf The Viking 


A solid semi-sweet, semi-dry still mead.  Well-balanced with an aftertaste that lingers a bit long on the tongue.  Lightly musty nose. 


Overall Rating:

We liked this mead.  A nice, solid traditional mead that we could see drinking with a light chicken dinner or cheese and fruit appetizers.  In fact, we did just that as part of our review!

St. Ambrose Cellars

841 Pioneer Rd, Beluah, MI

St Ambrose MeaderySt Ambrose Meadery

Located near the Crystal Lake in northwest Michigan, St Ambrose Cellars started off as a collection of bee-keepers who wanted to have more fun with their honey.

With a wide selection of Michigan fruits (including arguably the best cherries in the world) at their disposal, Ambrose Cellars specializes in a wonderfully diverse range of Melomels.

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