Semi Sweet By Sky River – Mead Review

By Paul Fuller | Mead Reviews

Nov 06
SkyRiver SemiSweet Mead

I picked up this classy-looking bottle from the Sky River Meadery in Washington State from at our local Wine and Beer store. 

It's from a meadery that I have not tried before and while they had "Sweet" and "Semi-Sweet" on the shelf they also make a "dry" and a selection of interesting flavors, including Blackberry, Ginger and Rose.

So here is what we thought of this traditional style mead....


Semi sweet Sky River Honey Wine glass

Semi sweet Sky River Honey Wine glass

Mead Profile:

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    Color: Thin, Golden to light straw.
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    Clarity: Very clear.
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    Bouquet:  Aromatic, very light floral notes.
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    Taste:  Mild honey flavor with hints of pear.
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    Pairs Well With:  Indian curries and spicy Latin dishes.

Mead Men Notes:

Paul Fuller - The Thinker

Paul the Thinker


A solid semi-sweet, semi-dry still mead.  Well balanced with an aftertaste that lingers a bit long on the tongue.  Lightly musty nose. 


Overall Rating:

A pretty standard semi-sweet, still mead. I found a little light on the flavor but very drinkable. Great with spicy food and for drinking on a warm evening. Definitely warrant a good chill before consuming.

The Sky River Meadery

14270 Woodinville-Redmond Rd.NE
Redmond, WA

Located near the Crystal Lake in northwest Michigan, St Ambrose Cellars started off as a collection of bee-keepers who wanted to have more fun with their honey.

With a wide selection of Michigan fruits (including arguably the best cherries in the world) at their disposal, Ambrose Cellars specializes in a wonderfully diverse range of Melomels.

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Paul is an native Brit that has upped sticks and moved America. After many years of trying to have the locals use correct English he has given up and now focuses his efforts on converting people to drive on the left; One person at a time. He is part engineer, part dad of twins and all sarcasm. Mead has become a passion of his, making, drinking, sharing and drinking. (that’s right 50% more drinking than anything else.